Food & Beverage Seals

One Stop Sealing Ltd provides a range of sealing solutions specifically for the food, beverage and dairy industries. These products meet the stringent demands of these industries and are compliant with FDA requirements, offering the customer complete peace of mind when specifying seals and hoses from One Stop Sealing Ltd.

Flexitallic Sigma

Flexitallic SigmaFlexitallic Sigma 500, 511, 533, 588 and 600 are biaxially orientated PTFE materials, offering a high quality sealing solution for use with aggressive media, strong acids, solvents, food and pharmaceutical applications. All Flexitallic Sigma grades are FDA compliant.

Novus 34Novus 34

Novus 34 was developed for general industrial applications where a high performance asbestos free sheet is desirable. Novus 34 is suitable for use across a wide range of media including low and intermediate pressure steam, oils, fuels, solvents and mild chemicals. This material has outstanding gas tightness, far exceeding the requirements of the German clean air act (TA-Luft) and it's chemical resistance will out-perform its competitors every time.

Food Industry SealsViton and EPDM SMS1149 and DIN11851 seals

One Stop Sealing Ltd stocks a vast range of seals for use in the food and beverage manufacturing industries. Seals stocked include DIN 11851, SMS 1149, IDF and RJT and these can be supplied in a range of materials including EPDM, PTFE, Viton and Nitrile.

All of our food and beverage seals comply with the requirement of the Food & Drug Administration and many also comply with the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia. All seals can be supplied individually packaged if required.

Food quality hoses

Blue rubber food hoses fitted with SMS1149 couplingOne Stop Sealing Ltd supplies a range of rubber hoses and PTFE food quality hose assemblies. These hoses are compliant with FDA requirements for the food & beverage industries and can be fitted with any type of hygienic coupling to suit your requirements.

Garlock Bio-Eco seals

Garlock Bio-eco seals with DIN11851 and SMS1149 couplingsThe Garlock Bio-Eco seal is manufactured from the market leading Gylon 3504. This material is resistant to virtually all chemicals, will not be affected by CIP cleaning, is FDA compliant and meets the requirements of USP Class VI. Garlock Bio-Eco will not relax in service and no re-tightening will be required, nor will it age harden in service; a common cause of leakage with elastomeric seals.

One Stop Sealing has vast experience providing sealing solutions to the chemical manufacturing industry.

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