Power Generation

One Stop Sealing Ltd provides a range of sealing solutions specifically for the power generation industry. These products are designed to meet the tough demands of fossil fuel electricity generating stations, offering the customer complete peace of mind when specifying seals from One Stop Sealing Ltd.

Cut Gaskets

Miscellaneous gaskets types including AFM30, PTFE and corkOne Stop Sealing Ltd is a UK distribution partner of Flexitallic Ltd. We carry comprehensive stocks of sheet material, stainless steel reinforced graphite and most grades of rubber, in order to offer a rapid turn-round time for gasket supply.

Gland Packings & Valve Sealing Sets

Graphite gland packing and EVSP sets from GarlockOne Stop Sealing Ltd are able to offer the complete range of Flexitallic Compression Packings and Valve Stem sealing solutions. This includes the Enviroflex 500/Hot stem sets, GR160/TR160 die formed rings and Thermiculite® 894 compression packings.

Spiral wound gaskets with carbon steel outer rings and stainless steel inner ringsSpiral wound gaskets

One Stop Sealing Ltd carries comprehensive stocks of Flexitallic spiral wound gaskets in most flange classes including ANSI and DIN. Stock sizes range from 1/2" to 24" and filler types include graphite, PTFE, Thermiculite® or Mica. Inner & outer rings can be manufactured in many grades of material including 304L, 316L, Hastelloy and Inconel. Non-standard sizes can be manufactured to order.

Ring Type Joints (RTJs) & Metal Jacketed (Clad) gaskets

One Stop Sealing Ltd supplies a complete range of Flexitallic Ring Type Joints in both oval and octagonal cross section. We supply a range of different materials including soft iron, 304L, 316L, Monel and Inconel. All of our ring type joints are manufactured in accordance with API-6A and ANSI B16.2 specifications. We also provide a range of bespoke metal jacketed (clad) gaskets for use in heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Jacketed gaskets can be supplied in many different materials including carbon steel, 304L, 316L, Inconel and Hastelloy, and filler materials are typically non-asbestos fibre, graphite or PTFE.

Flexpro™ Kammprofile GasketsRJT sealing rings in stainless steel with oval section

Flexpro™ Kammprofile gaskets are manufactured from a solid metallic core into which concentric grooves are cut on each sealing face, and a soft sealing layer applied. Kammprofile gaskets are the ideal solution where sealing problems exist due to low seating stresses. One Stop Sealing Ltd supplies Kammprofile gaskets in a wide range of core and facings materials to suit the customers application.

Expansion Joints & Bellows

EPDM flanged bellowsWe supply all types of expansion joints and bellows in fabric, metal and rubber. At One Stop Sealing Ltd we work closely with our European based suppliers to provide the complete solution to your requirements.

One Stop Sealing has vast experience providing sealing solutions to the chemical manufacturing industry.

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