Dantec Composite Hose

Danchem PG hose on loading pointOne Stop Sealing Ltd is proud to be the official distributor in the Humber & Yorkshire area for the Dantec range of composite hose and fittings. We are the only approved stockist in the area for the Dantec range of products.

Dantec is recognised as a world leader in composite hose technology and innovation, and has amassed a wealth of knowledge during more than 30 years of UK based manufacturing.

Danoil D3 hoses for tanker loadingEstablished in 1969, Dantec has developed into the most innovative manufacturer of composite hose in the world, exporting to more than 50 countries. Manufacturing began in the UK in 1977 to service an ever increasing demand from customers for a reliable and high quality source of composite hose. Today, continual investment and development have placed Dantec as the world's leading composite hose manufacturer.

Danoil D7 on top loading gantryDantec operates through a network of UK distributors, covering all major industrial manufacturing areas. One Stop Sealing Ltd is the only officially appointed distributor in the Humber & Yorkshire regions. The strong mutual support between Dantec and its distributors has formed very strong business relationships which is beneficial to the customer in terms of long term stability and reliability of service.

One Stop Sealing Ltd carries comprehensive stocks of Dantec hose & fittings in order to offer a rapid and efficient service.

Dantec composite hose for formula one refuellingDantec ship to shore large bore hoseDanchem PTSG on loading points

One Stop Sealing has vast experience providing sealing solutions to the chemical manufacturing industry.

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