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  • Flexitallic Thermiculite

    Applications include Petro chemicals, Fertilisers, OEM and Oil & Gas applications, where process conditions are extreme.

  • Flexitallic Change Gasket
    Change Gasket

    Incredibly robust and resilient, the metal-wound Change™ heat exchanger gasket is designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever.

  • Flexitallic Sigma®<

    The chemical resistance and dimensional stability of the material ensures total sealing reliability and minimises fugitive emissions.

  • Flexitallic I-flex Isolation System
    I-flex Isolation System

    The Flexitallic isolation system, an insulation gasket to provide electrical and thermal insulation using Sigma® and Thermiculite® technology.

  • Flexitallic Flange Rescue Gasket
    Flange Rescue Gasket

    A proactive and reactive sealing solution that saves you time and money - winner of the NACE Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award.

  • Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets
    Spiral Wound Gaskets

    Thermiculite® is often used as a filler material to provide resistance to temperature, chemical attack and corrosion.

  • Flexitallic Flexible Graphite
    Flexible Graphite

    Exfoliated graphite products are designed for demanding, general industry applications typical of the petrochemical and refining industries.

  • Flexitallic Flexpro™ Kammprofiles
    Flexpro™ Kammprofiles

    Kammprofiles are able to cope with high temperatures and pressures making them suitable for heat exchanger service.

  • Flexitallic Ring Type Joints
    Ring Type Joints

    The metallic Ring Type Joint is used in the petroleum industry, where high pressure applications necessitate the need for a high integrity seal.

  • Flexitallic Compressed Fibre
    Compressed Fibre – Sheet Jointing

    The Flexitallic range of Compressed Fibre Jointing is designed for a wide range of industrial and original equipment applications.

  • Flexitallic Compression Packings
    Compression Packings

    Flexitallic offer a full range of compression packings for valve, rotary pump and reciprocating pump applications.

  • Enviroflex 500
    Enviroflex 500

    Enviroflex 500 has been developed for use in Linear and Rotary valves and has exceeded the most stringent requirements for fugitive emissions.

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