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The Flexitallic isolation system, an insulation gasket to provide electrical and thermal insulation using Sigma® and Thermiculite® technology.

Flexitallic provides a complete product range to limit corrosion in pipeline systems, using modified PTFE material Sigma® and their unique high temperature material Thermiculite® - both giving unrivalled performance.

The insulating sets are designed to electrically isolate flanges and bolts in cathodically protected piping systems or whatever dissimilar metals are present.

The specially engineered materials used in the I-Flex isolation system are also able to extend traditional operating temperature pressures and chemical compatibility, seen with current insulation technology.


  • Engineered and manufactured in the UK
  • Available as individual gaskets and full isolation set
  • Widest possible temperature range -200°C to 1000°C
  • Service pressure range from vacuum, to class 2500
  • Fire-safe
  • Can be used on all types of flanges
  • Used for both cathodic and galvanic corrosion

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