Mechanical Seals

One Stop Sealing Ltd offers a comprehensive range of mechanical seals, from simple, single spring component seals through to the innovative Modular System range of cartridge seals with interchangeable components, thus allowing further rationalisation of seal stocks.

The cartridge seal range is complimented by the recent addition of the Style 600SL seal. This is the only sleeveless, conical cartridge seal available from any manufacturer in the world today.

All of our seals are available with a comprehensive combination of face materials and secondary sealing elements, allowing for complete versatility in use. All mechanical seals available from One Stop sealing Ltd are subject to strict quality control procedures for total reliability, plant safety and effective control of fugitive emissions.

Style 600SL Cartridge Seal

The Style 600SL mechanical cartridge seal is the first cartridge mounted seal to incorporate a conical stuffing box design, thus allowing successful use on slurries and dirty fluids.
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mechanical sealStyle 670
The simplest of the Modular System range of seals has a very compact gland plate which enables the seal to be installed on pumps where limited space may be available. The stationary design of the multi-wave spring ensures long operational life from one of the most competitive cartridge seals on the market.

Style 770 mechanical cartridge sealStyle 777SO
Balanced single seal with flush and quench connection, the Style 770SO incorporates a lip seal for containment of quench fluid. Ideal for applications where the pumped media must not be contaminated by barrier fluids. The incorporated lip seal does not allow leakage on the atmospheric side of the seal, whilst the stationary spring design ensures long seal life.

Style 777 mechanical cartridge sealStyle 777SW
Balanced double seal with flush connection and capability for use of pressurised barrier fluid. The Style 777SW is ideal in applications sealing the most aggressive and highly abrasive medias. As with all Modular System seals the stationary spring design ensures long seal life.

mechanical sealsStyle 600SL
The only mechanical cartridge seal currently available with a sleeveless design and conical seal faces. The conical faces and lack of seal parts inside the stuffing-box means that this seal can be installed in applications where clogging of seal faces in conventional cartridge seals may be a problem. The gland plate has a single flush connection as standard.

mechanical sealsStyle 770
Balanced, single cartridge seal with flush connection. The integrated cartridge design ensures ease of installation with usually no modifications to pump or equipment. Stationary sprung design, with the springs outside of the product, ensures long seal life and no clogging of the springs. The integrated 'Vortex' flush connection allows the seal to be installed on vertical pumps and to seal dense fluids and slurries.

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