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One Stop Sealing Ltd provides a sub-contract water jet cutting service to a wide range of industrial sectors, including precision engineering, specialised OEMs, general fabrication, repair and maintenance contractors, as well as architectural sectors such as ceramics suppliers and installers, stone masons, kitchen designers and sign manufacturers.

water jet cutting

Water jet cutting profiling machines are at the forefront of profiling technology. Utilising water and abrasive at pressures of up to 60,000 psi, these machines are incredibly versatile, being able to cut almost any material from sponge through to stainless steel, glass, aluminium, ceramics, wood, plastics and composite materials.

At One Stop Sealing we operate a Water Jet Sweden NC-3015 machine. This machine is capable of cutting with either pure water or abrasive heads. Our KMT SL V-50 high pressure pump allows us to cut with either 2 abrasive heads or 4 pure water heads simultaneously. This ability to operate with multiple heads allows us to offer cost benefits to the customer, and means that even on thin materials we can often be competitive when quoting for work traditionally cut on lasers.

We can handle plate sizes up to 3.2m x 1.6m and have a cutting envelope of 2.5m x 1.5m. Dimensional accuracy is typically in the range of +/-0.2mm, but for many jobs we are able to cut with an accuracy of +/-0.1mm.

The KMT SL V-50 high pressure pump is one of the most reliable on the market. KMT high pressure water pumps are used worldwide in the automotive industry, job shops, aerospace industry, textile industry, stone industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, food industry, and many others. For everything from granite cutting, steel cutting, to paper cutting - and much more - water jet technology offers speed and accuracy that is almost unmatched.

Our iGems CAD/CAM software is one of the most advanced drawing and nesting packages on the market today. It allows us to take your concepts in the form of samples, paper drawings, CAD, dxf or dwg formats, and efficiently transfer them to a working programme for manufacture. The nesting capability of iGems means that material wastage can be kept to an absolute minimum.

We employ vacuum lifting equipment which allows us to lift plates of up to 500kg with ease, causing no damage to the plate surface and assuring the best possible care for any sheet material which has been free issued to us, by the customer, for manufacture.

So when you next need some material cutting; be it glass, aluminium or anything in-between, email us at or call 01482 610990 and we’ll work with you to see your project through.

  • History

    The first industrial use of water jets can be traced back over 100 years when they were originally developed for use in the mining of gravel and clay deposits to blast material from the quarry face...

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  • Principles of water jet cutting

    There are two types of water jet cutting processes; pure water cutting, in which the cutting is performed using only an ultra-high pressure jet of clean water, and abrasive cutting...

    Close up of nozzle cutting stainless steel
  • Advantages of water jet cutting

    Water jet machines are without a doubt, the most versatile profiling tools on the market today. One of their key advantages lies in their ability to cut virtually any materials...

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    We are happy to receive your drawings in any one of a number of electronic formats, including dxf, dwg and CAD. Alternatively we can produce drawings inhouse.

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