Waterjet Cutting Glossary

Abrasive water jet cutting - Water jet cutting method where abrasive (typically garnet) is mixed in to the high pressure water stream. The cutting is carried out by the abrasive; the water being a carrier of the abrasive.

CAD/CAM - CAD is computer aided design - CAM is computer aided manufacture.

CNC - Computer Numerical Controlled.

Cold cutting process - Any cutting process where no (or very little) heat is used or generated. This is typically water jet cutting, as most other processes such as laser, plasma or flame cutting utilise or generate heat.

Composite materials - a material manufactured from 2 or more constituent materials with inherently different properties.

Cutting envelope - The maximum dimensions that the machine heads can travel. This is usually smaller than the actual bed of the machine.

Garnet - commonly used abrasive of the silicate family. Similar in appearance to sand.

Intensifier - normal term of reference for the high pressure pump cylinder and ancillary parts.

Kerf angle - A term used to describe the squareness of a cut. It is defined as the angle generated from the difference in widths between the top and bottom of the cut. With reference to water jet cutting this is typically about 1/3 of the total cutting jet diameter. This relationship exists whatever the thickness of the material. Therefore the angle will become more pronounced on thinner materials

Nesting - A method of efficiently setting out parts for manufacture from sheet material whilst keeping wastage to a minimum.

Nozzle - a device designed to control the direction or characteristics of water flow as it exits the high pressure system via an orifice

Orifice - the small opening that is used to focus the flow of high pressure water into the nozzle or mixing chamber.

Pure water cutting - the method of water cutting utilising only water; ie no abrasive is added in this method.

Sapphire - a gemstone of the corundum family, used for the manufacture of orifices due to its hardness properties.

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